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PGYTech 75cm Landing Pad


Pgytech Landing Pad 75cm

The Pgytech Landing Pad 75cm for drones is your own mini helicopter landing spot in a compact storage bag. You unfold this landing pad with a few simple hand movements and when you leave you fold it in just as easily. As simple as a reflection screen for studio photography. The Pgytech Landing Pad is suitable for all types of drones, such as the DJI Mavic and the DJI Spark. 

The handy Pgytech Landing Pad measures 75 cm in diameter, which means you have a safe, even landing spot for your drone. You can start and land with every drone, such as a DJI Mavic Pro or a DJI Spark. You take the folded landing spot in the handy, compact storage bag of only 29 cm in diameter and at the destination spot, you can fold out the landing pad with a few simple hand movements. Then secure the landing spot with the supplied pegs to prevent it from blowing away.

The Pgytech Landing Pad for drones can be used on both sides. One side of the Landing path is bright orange and the other side bright blue. This ensures that you can always find the landing path from the air in the terrain. Reflecting strips on the path ensure that you can also find the landing spot in the dark. The landing pad is made of waterproof nylon with UV coating and is therefore suitable for use in almost any terrain in various weather conditions. The Pgytech Landing Pad weighs only 535 grams with storage bag and pegs.

Features of the Pgytech Landing Pad 75cm

  • Your own mini helicopter landing site
  • Fold out and fold in a few simple hand movements
  • Suitable for all kinds of drones, such as the DJI Mavic and DJI Spark
  • Can be used on both sides; one orange and one blue
  • Diameter: 75 cm
  • Landing pad can be secured with pegs (included)
  • Comes with a compact storage bag

Included with the Pgytech Landing Pad 75cm

  • 1x Pgytech Landing Pad 75cm
  • 3x Pegs
  • 1x Bag